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Greetings, I am a big fan of Queer as Folk in general and Ben and Michael in particular. And I am enjoying this site, so glad to find it.

Hi and a request for prompts!

Hello everyone! I'm totally new to the QAF fandom and I just finished watching the show. I fell utterly in love with the characters, especially Ben and Michael, and I was hoping to start writing a few fics! Would any of you be able to leave me some prompts to get started? I'm just wading through the community and I'm absolutely loving all the fics. You have put a lot of hard work into making a beautiful comm!

A Love Triangle

Title: A Love Triangle
Author: sxysadie21
Fandom: Queer as Folk (US)
Word Count: 593
Rating: Pg-13, I suppose?
Characters: Ben, Melanie, Michael, Lindsay, Brian
A/N: Written for fan_flashworks
A/N: Not really beta-d. You know me, not patient enough to wait once it's written. Sorry.
Prompt: Triangle
Summary: Ben explains his relationship with Brian somewhat.


There is a one-liner Valentine's Day party going over at qaf_one_liners. I suggest you head over and check them out if you'd like. But try your hand at a few. One sentence. Forty words or less. You can't beat that! They're a blast. In fact, I have written tons. Here's a small list of the ones I've done. They're all Ben/Michael/Hunter-related here!
One-LinersCollapse )

How Can You Not?

Title: How Can You Not?
Author: sxysadie21
Rating: R-ish? (I am awful at this part)
Timeline: Post Season 5
Word Count: 779
Summary: A quick look at what it must be like to be partners with Brian's best friends.
A/N: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. NOT BETA-D OR EVEN READ THROUGH PROPERLY ON MY END. I wrote this quickly as a followup to Which Way Home? an When Did It Get So Dark?
which both have also not been properly attended to yet either. I'm unsure how I feel about any of these...or where they are going. But I'm going to see what happens. You're welcome to read away. Just beware of land-mines (also known as typo and grammar issues).  In fact, I would welcome any feedback, probably. I'll get to fixing them properly someday
soon. (Soon is a relative term, friends. Keep that in mind. Heh!)
A/N: Written for fanfic100's prompt #84: He.

I wrote this awhile ago just as a one-shot to follow up a few things I had previously written. I think that it stands okay on it's own. And in some of the comments on one of my previous posts here we had discussed the Mel/Ben dynamic. So I thought this might be a good time to bring this one over here and see what you all thought. :) Enjoy, I hope!

Family Of The Heart

Title: Family of the Heart
Author: sxysadie21
Word Count: 1,136
Rating: Pg-13, perhaps?
Characters: Ben, Michael, Brian, Justin, Emmett, Ted, Melanie, Lindsay, Deb
A/N: Written for fan_flashworks
A/N: Not really beta-d. You know me, not patient enough to wait once it's written. Sorry.
Prompt: Introductions
Summary: Ben remembers what it was like to be introduced to the rest of the "gang". Ben's POV.

The challenge is still on-going. So the community asks that we not post anywhere but there. (Linking back is okay...) so here is a link to the post on their community: Family Of The Heart

Will You Be Checking That Baggage?

Title:  Will You be Checking That Baggage?
Author: sxysadie21

Rating: PG-13?
Word Count: 1,000
Characters:  Hunter, Callie, Ben
A/N: Written for th qaf_land challenge #3
Prompt: (See below)
A/N: Not Beta-d. Warning :)

Summary:: Callie keeps up with Hunter in the future.

Prompt: Write a fic from the following picspam:

Will You Be Checking That Baggage?

I Come Bearing Gifts!

There was an awesome gift exchange over at: qaf_giftxchnge. I know that most gifts are (and were) B/J centric. But there are some good glimpses of Ben and Michael. I wanted to make sure you all had a chance to go check them out.

I wrote two fic gifts. They were both Brian and Justin prompts, as the recipients asked. But you know I found a way to at least work in Michael in both, right? Of course!

If you're interested here are links to those two: Who Says You Can't Go Home? and  Payback.

Now then! I got two wonderful gifts in return. One of them includes a lot of Ben. And I love it! (I'm hoping that no one else minds I posted their links here...eeps! But I thought you guys would enjoy the Ben as much as I did!) If you like this one Please please please comment and let her know as I loved it too! And I'd love for her to know how some more Ben/Michael fans felt about it as well: Common Ground By: jule1122

I'm not showing you the other gift, just yet! Because it's a beautiful banner for my WIP and I want to show it off when I post my next chapter. So everyone can ooh and aah at it and tell her how great it is! ;)

Qaf One Liner Part-ay.

There is a one-liner party going on over at: qaf_one_liners. If you are inclined to write? Head over there and go! The posts are all public, however. So you should also be able to read any that the other authors have written. One line stories. All from a 50 word prompt table with a holiday theme. It's a good time.

Quite a few are Ben/Michael/Hunter related, as well. I think you should check them out! I will post a few of mine here, too, so you can get a glimpse. But you should really head over and check out the other authors. They have been having a blast posting away. And I knew you'd all love to see some extra Ben/Michael love elsewhere, too! :)

Under the cuts I will post a few of mine that are Novotny-Bruckner related.
Prompt: OrnamentCollapse )
Prompt: SantaCollapse )
Prompt: NutcrackerCollapse )
Prompt: Wrapping PaperCollapse )
Prompt: SnowflakeCollapse )

See how much fun those are? And those are just mine. There are some amazing other ones from other authors over at the community. Check it out. :)

Fic Finding Help Needed!

Hey guys, this comment was posted anonymously under one of my fics I posted a few weeks ago. I tried to help, but haven't had any luck finding them the story. Well at least where the link isn't broken. :(

I thought perhaps someone else may know more than I do!

"Looking for missing fic "Lives Are Like Rivers"
Sorry to put this here but I don't know where else it should go. I was
reading some of the old stories from 2006. There was "Speak No Evil",
followed by a sequel called "Goldenboy". I liked both of these. They
were apparently followed by a story called "Lives Are Like Rivers' By
Mikou. But I can't find this story. It isn't on this site and the link
on Mikou's site doesn't work. Can anyone tell me where to find this
story. Thank you."